Aconcagua Climbing – The mountain is a lifestyle

“As a park ranger or preservation agent, until the 2019-2020 season we worked in a normal or conventional scheme, we had foreign tourists, we worked like a normal year, with the pressure that exists when there is a volume of people and all the operations that a park of this magnitude entails”, explained Aros. 

Aconcagua Expedition

Within the scope of the Park, they hold police power and have the power to control income, apply sanctions and expel those who transgress the rules. They receive complaints, suggestions and contributions to improve the functioning and conservation of the Park. “Our role, before the pandemic and today, is to provide care and information to visitors. As park rangers, we are in charge of environmental control and the conservation of natural resources”, explained Lucas.

These preservation agents circulate throughout the season through the different camps: Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, Casa de Piedra, Pampa de Leña, Plaza Argentina, Camp 1, Camp 2, Cólera, Independencia and Canada, these last three for those who try to summit. 

Climb Aconcagua

“With the pandemic we continue to work in our areas but without tourists, which was what was striking and different. Although we did not stop working, what changed was our routine. We started with the maintenance of the park, repair of signage and others, which may not have had enough time at other times due to the influx of tourists. Progress was made in somewhat relegated tasks”, Aros completed. I love mountain landscapes, so during my trip through Argentina I really enjoyed the Andes. As I passed through Mendoza, I couldn’t stop getting closer to contemplate the highest mountain in America and I was lucky enough to have a spectacular sunny day to be able to admire its summit at almost 7,000 meters of Aconcagua Hike altitude. Here I will tell you how to get to Aconcagua so that you can also marvel at this great snowy giant. If it is among your travel plans or dreams. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas, which makes it the highest in the Americas and much of the rest of the planet. Its peak reaches 6,960 meters above sea level and it is not alone, but around it there are many more mountains, glaciers and valleys under the protection of the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

The mountain and the park are located in the section of the Cordillera de los Andes in the Argentine province of Mendoza, close to the border with Chile. In fact, it is more or less halfway between the cities of Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile), about 3 hours by road from each of them. Therefore, it is relatively easy and comfortable to visit Aconcagua from any of them.