Mount Aconcagua Expeditions

We are Aconcagua experts with more than 15 years of history building stories of success for hundreds of people from all over the world who every year join our Aconcagua guided climbs to reach the highest summit of the western hemisphere.

Best certified guides

Porters built-in

Unparalleled safety

Aconcagua Normal Route

This is the shortest and warmest Aconcagua route, offering the highest chances to conquer the summit of Mount Aconcagua. Our expeditions count with the best and most comprehensive support to climb safely and successfully!

Vacas Valley Route

This is the perfect route for the more adventurous folks, offering scenic views while traversing around the legendary Aconcagua Polish Glacier. It is another non-technical climb option, longer and colder than Normal Route.


Treks are the perfect choice to share an expedition up to Aconcagua base camp with friends and climbers from all over the world! Treks offer the possibility to join Aconcagua Base Camp and also climb Mount Bonete 16,702ft.

All Aconcagua One expeditions are carefully prepared to provide the best experience for you to reach the top of Mount Aconcagua by the Normal Route or the Polish Route.

We offer more than 12 open expeditions that you can join to climb Aconcagua and you can also hire a private expedition if you wish to do your Aconcagua trek alone or share it only with your fellows.

Mount Aconcagua Climbing Expedition

An Aconcagua climb gives you the privilege of knowing the roof of the American continent. If you know how to climb Aconcagua solo or you join any Aconcagua guided climb you will make friends with people like you. Climbers in our Aconcagua expeditions share a common past before meeting: you have all studied how to climb Aconcagua, spent your free time training watching videos and pictures of Aconcagua expeditions and daydreamed about your Aconcagua hike. When arriving in Aconcagua Argentina, you all share the excitement that fuels you during your Aconcagua expedition. Save now your place in an Aconcagua climb with us!

Climbing Aconcagua via Normal Route

Climbing Aconcagua is most worthy as it is part of the 7 Summits. Mount Aconcagua ’s altitude and temperatures request high quality equipment for all Aconcagua expeditions. This Aconcagua climb has no technical difficulty nor need of much mountaineering experience for climbing Aconcagua Normal Route. You can walk the entire Aconcagua hike. No Aconcagua expedition by the Normal or Aconcagua 360 Route feature all-year snow sections, yet both Aconcagua expeditions require crampons for the last 3300ft. Aconcagua Argentina waits for you! Now you know how to climb Aconcagua by the Normal Route, join our Aconcagua guided climb!

Climbing Aconcagua via Vacas Valley

This Mount Aconcagua route has one of the best views of America. Come to Aconcagua Argentina and join our Aconcagua guided climb. Mount Aconcagua hikers who choose this route have a better taste of high altitude climbing because this Aconcagua hike is 20% longer than the Normal Route. The Aconcagua 360 route surrounds the Polish Glacier to meet the Normal Route. This Aconcagua expedition comes from the east via the Vacas Valley and after BC, crosses to the north-west side. Aconcagua Argentina waits for you! Now you know how to climb Aconcagua by the Polish Glacier Traverse 360 Route, book now our Aconcagua guided climb!

I had a great time. I felt supported by me guides every step of the way, the guides were very professional, patient and friendly. They made us laugh, walked us through the difficult parts, and taught us so much, how to walk and breath more efficiently, how to carry our gear properly and many more things. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the whole experience very much. Thank you guys!

Heather Turner

I absolutely loved it. The trip was very well planned, and the guides were excellent, very professional and fun. The group became very closed and we all worked together. It was one of the best trips I have ever had. I highly recommend Aconcagua One for anyone wanting to climb Aconcagua.

Christopher Taylor

We had an excellent experience. The quality of all services was excellent, we used brand new tents, food was awesome, the staff in base camp was very professional and easy going, guides were fun, skillful and ready to help, the porter service was very good, and the process of preparing for the climb was also very well organized. If I had to come back, I would absolutely choose Aconcagua One again.

Mark Bennett