Vacas Valley
+ Upper Guanacos
+ Plaza Argentina
+ Camp 1 & 2 on Polish Route
+ Traverse to Normal Route
+ Summit
+ descent via Normal Route

The opportunity to visit the Aconcagua on one of its most beautiful and less visited faces.

The Aconcagua 360° Routeis an alternative and beautiful expedition. This Aconcagua climb expresses its most adventurous face for it enlightens you with every step you take following the trail.

We will approach Mount Aconcagua trekking across Vacas Valley up to Plaza Argentina base camp. Then we will follow the Polish route towards the Glacier until we reach altitude Camp 2. Once at the mythic base of the Polish Glacier we will traverse around the Glacier to cross to the Normal Route and set up camp in Camp Berlin or Cholera thus accomplishing the first goal of this Aconcagua Expedition which is meeting Aconcagua’s Two Faces. From this last altitude camp of the Normal Route we will attempt the Summit of Mount Aconcagua. The descent following the normal route takes us to the famous Plaza de Mulas base camp.

This great Aconcagua expedition is meant for mountain lovers and operated by the best Aconcagua company.

Check with us for:

  • Availability
  • Group composition
  • Best dates based on weather
  • Special departures

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