To enter Mount Aconcagua Park is necessary to get a personal Mt Aconcagua climbing permit.

You can obtain the permit in Department of Renewable Resources.

It’s open Mon-Fri from 8am – 6pm. Weekend and holidays: 9am – 1pm.

Access to the Mt Aconcagua Park is between 8am and 6pm.

By signing this permit, the person releases the Administration of Renewable Natural Resources (governmental institution in charge of the administration of Mt. Aconcagua Park) and the Government of Mendoza from all responsibility for the accidents that could occur to the climber inside the park and accepts the regulations in the Statute of Use of the Park.

Children under 14 can only enter the Park up to Quebrada del Durazno (3100 meters above sea level). Youngsters between 14 and 18 can only enter with an authorization from both parents, certified by a notary public or another competent authority. For foreign visitors the age limit is that from the country of origin.

For more information call +542614252031 or send an e-mail to

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