How to climb Aconcagua

There are 34 variants to climb Aconcagua, here you will find which are the main ways of how to climb Aconcagua.

Mount Aconcagua is located in Mendoza, Argentina. On Route 7 is located Aconcagua Park. The Aconcagua summit is 22834ft, it is the highest mountain to climb outside the Himalayas and the most attractive to hike of the 7-summit circuit.

The ice has played a very important role in landscape modeling, we also find the Polish Glacier which gives the name of one of its famous routes to climb: Aconcagua Polish route and Aconcagua 360 route, Aconcagua Expeditions may be done by climbing or hiking.


How to climb Aconcagua by Normal Route

This is the most popular Aconcagua guided climb.

This hike goes by the Northwest side and represents the easiest route to climb Aconcagua Mount. The climbers with no experience on ice climbing or rock climbing may use this trek to reach the summit, all the trek is done by hiking and you will need crampons to walk by ice or snow on the highest days of the climb. When climbing this route, it is also common to climb Mt. Bonete (16,702ft)

How to climb Aconcagua by 360 Route

How to climb Aconcagua by 360 Route

360 expeditions climb by the Two Faces of Mount Aconcagua.

We climb Aconcagua across the Vacas Valley up to Plaza Argentina base camp, then we follow the Polish Glacier Traverse route, after that the hike switches to the Normal route on the last camp, from where we reach the Summit. The descent follows the Normal route. On this expedition, we take the opportunity to climb Aconcagua by the East and West sides.

How to climb Aconcagua

How to climb Aconcagua by Polish Glacier Traverse Route?

Climbing Aconcagua by this hike represents the same expedition made in 1934 by the Poles Ostrowski, Karpinski, Osiecki and Narkievicz, hiking by East-North-East. They are considered the first ones to discover how to climb Aconcagua by one side of the Polish Glacier, also called False Polish, where we find better views than the Normal route. This expedition ascent and descend through the Vacas Valley and Plaza Argentina base camp.

How to climb Aconcagua by Polish Glacier Direct Route?

This is the right expedition for climbers who want to climb Aconcagua in a very technical way. It requires high experience in ice climbing, although it goes by Vacas Valley and uses Plaza Argentina base camp, this expedition use only 2 high altitude camps and goes through the Polish Glacier by ice climbing. This expedition is subject to the ice conditions of the glacier to be climbed. This type of Aconcagua expeditions is for experts only.

How to climb Aconcagua up to Base Camp?

The Treks to base camp are the best choice to share an Aconcagua expedition up to Plaza Francia (13,201ft) and Plaza de Mulas (14,058ft) camps with friends and climbers from all over the world. For all the ones who still don’t want to make a physically demanding expedition to Aconcagua, this trek is an excellent opportunity to live an amazing hike in a one-week program in Aconcagua Park.

How to climb Aconcagua up to Mount Bonete?

Mount Bonete (16,702ft) is located in Aconcagua Park and it is a part of the extended 20-day itineraries in Aconcagua expeditions by Normal route. Climbing Bonete represents an excellent acclimatization trek as a preparation to climb Aconcagua summit. The one-week programs to Plaza Francia and Plaza de Mulas base camps may also include Mt Bonete summit. This program doesn’t require any climbing experience.

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How to climb Aconcagua in Open Expeditions

This is the best choice to climb Aconcagua for most climbers who come alone or in small groups, by joining a group with others to have better prices in on a guided expedition to Aconcagua. This expedition includes hotel, transfers, guides, tents, meals and may also include porters, among others. These expeditions have fixed departure dates and itineraries and they usually include 2 extra days in to be used in case of bad weather conditions.

How to climb Aconcagua on Private Expeditions

Open or Private expeditions are almost the same. The main difference is that on private expeditions you suggest the date of departure and you have your own guides and logistics, it ensures a harmonized rhythm in your hike, and you also have a more flexible itinerary in case you want to go slower or faster. There are also specific services that may be prepared in private according to the preferences of each group.

How to climb Aconcagua Solo

For climbers who prefer to organize their own Aconcagua guided expedition or non-guided climb to Aconcagua, there is also the possibility to climb Aconcagua Solo by hiring all logistics separately: hotels, assistance to obtain Aconcagua permit, transfers, meals, tents, mules, guides, porters, etc. Aconcagua permit entrance fee has a lower price for climbers who hire a local company to provide services during their Aconcagua expedition.