Aconcagua Climbing – Statistical data on Aconcagua

“And yet, while I was looking at her, the mountain took on another aspect, softening its fierce lines. There seemed to be something magical in that majestic presence. I was almost seduced by her. I was aware that not only a climber is fascinated, that anyone who get close enough to the mountain will continue, despite all obstacles, in pursuit of the holiest and highest place in the West”

It dawned with 30 centimeters of snow around the tents and luckily . The landscape is impressive, it is very difficult to express in words what I feel in this place and at this moment, I hope that photos help. Climbing Aconcagua

As the movements cost, putting on the double boots takes fifteen minutes, with several pauses due to the agitation, removing snow from the roof of the tent, or removing the stones from the base generates a great shortness of breath accompanied by tachycardia.

It’s sunny so we take out everything wet to dry, we melt snow to make water, calculating three liters for each.

We were able to communicate with the Directorate of Parks, who informed us that today the snowstorm is over, therefore tomorrow we would leave for Berlin. Plans are to camp there and attempt the summit on Friday.

It’s 3 pm, it started to snow again, before we had a brief snowball fight, without a doubt the spirit is still high. Today there were moments of radiant sunshine and others cloudy with snowfall. In the afternoon we slept two hours of siesta, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., we read and talked about politics and ethics (compatible?) Aconcagua Argentina

Tonight we will have four cheese noodles for dinner in our tent, I don’t know what the others will eat, because in each tent the menu is decided according to tastes and provisions. Tomorrow around noon, weather permitting, we’re going to Berlin.

Leandro and Gladys will not be in the game, they are physically and mentally ill. I feel very well physically, I perfectly resist the great efforts to which we are subjected, not only because of the slopes, but also because of the great height, with its corresponding lack of oxygen, pressure and humidity. Mount Aconcagua

It is the third time that I am above 5500mts, the others were my attempts at Cerro El Plata (6000mts), the first time I did not reach the summit due to lack of training, but I exceeded 5500 (being 300mts from achieving the summit), and the second by a wind and snow storm at the summit. That beautiful mountain that I see every day from my house, is in debt to me, perhaps he will be able to climb it next year, Fernando says that he reached the summit of Plata on the fourth attempt.