Aconcagua Climbing – Learn to trust yourself at 7000 meters

With more than 6,962 meters high, Aconcagua Argentina is the most imposing mountain in the range. This does not go unnoticed since almost from anywhere in Mendoza; you can see its top. Climbing Aconcagua is an extreme sport and a challenge for professional athletes who spend years training. However, this is not an impediment for you to see it up close. You can visit the Aconcagua Provincial Park, reach its base, and enter one of its trails surrounded by nature. This is one of the activities in Mendoza that will leave you open-mouthed and wanting to take thousands of photos. Climbing this mountain can mean the magical entrance to this select group of Dreams to Fulfill.

Mount Aconcagua is the giant mountain in America, the Southern Hemisphere, and the Western Hemisphere. Beyond these mere numerical and statistical descriptions that also caress the 7000 meters above sea level, this prominent elevation keeps countless beautiful landscapes and stories that can become part of some of the most significant and extraordinary paragraphs of our life. Do you want to get closer to knowing her? Do you want to prepare to live it? Do you want to relight your enthusiasm? Do you want to get on a challenge that will mark you forever?

I present to your stages, moments, keys, or simply points that can collaborate and definitively clarify the path. In the previous one, to reach the day you find yourself delivering the ascent permit at the Horcones or Punta de Vacas section, there is the genesis of your expedition so dreamed of. It is always essential to have some experience in having ever been in the mountains, although the most important thing first is to walk on different terrains with loose stones such as hauling, rather than forcing yourself to go up.

First, the basics put on a backpack and trekking for two or more days, then move on to the altitude ascent. Perhaps some will be reached with a couple of outings, maybe others need a few more, and perhaps some privileged (never recommended) can ascend the Colossus of America without ever having done a trek to Sierra de la Ventana in their lives. One of the tips to success in the mountains always has to do with being physically well. We have just mentioned the technical in the previous point, which is trained by going out on the field and not at home, in the park, or the gym.

After several experiences in the preparation of large expeditions and, as my own experience, I can recommend a system that generally adapts well to anyone with a basic level of physical-mental training. The idea is to get to do a personalized follow-up on Aconcagua, with a table, where we can dump the process of each of the areas worked: aerobic, power or specific training in exercises, backpack work, the technician and the training carried out specifically in the field (outing to the mountain). The system is designed in a pyramid shape; it starts with a low demand until reaching the highest point and sustains for three months, finally descending again and ending with 10 to 12 days of complete rest, where it is prioritized to eat hydrate well.