Aconcagua Climbing – Do not forget to drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself

In Plaza de Mulas I took a Reliveran and hydrated with a lot of liquids, at night I was fine. We ate polenta, (last night capelets prevailed) and natural peaches. I went to bed early, I read a little and fell asleep, I forgot to mention that I dropped my reading glasses and they broke, luckily I was able to fix them, only those who know me and know what reading means in my life, can measure this fact. Mount Aconcagua

Sunday 08 / 02 / 04

“You are a creature of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here, and whether it is evident to you or not, the universe is certainly unfolding as it should. So be at peace with God, in any case.” However you conceive it. Whatever your job and aspirations, in the noisy confusion keep peace with your soul. With all its farces, jobs and broken dreams, this is still a beautiful world. Be careful and strive to be happy.”

I was able to take a bath!! I shaved, spectacular!! Here this that seems so simple is quite a procedure, the bathroom is a very elementary place made of wood, with a plastic bag of 15 liters of warm water, with a small adjustable flower, therefore one gets wet, then soaps up and finally it is rinsed, regulating the water so that it reaches, everything is very primitive, but it has the virtue that you learn to value the simple and important things of common life such as a good shower, a good bath, a comfortable chair, a soft bed, I don’t miss television, we never really got along very well.

I feel good physically and mentally. I went to the doctor, oxygen saturation is up to 85% and heart rate is 90 beats per minute. I am satisfied with myself, I am 54 years old, and 90% of the people my age do not go beyond Cerro de la Gloria, and I am a native of Buenos Aires, I am going to make the necessary effort to climb Aconcagua, why is it that I like them so much the challenges, trying to improve myself day by day, constantly competing with myself… Climbing Aconcagua

Plaza de Mulas is like a small town, everyone walks slowly and carries bottles of water in their hands to hydrate themselves, apparently good hydration prevents altitude symptoms, it looks like a slow motion movie. There are around 150 tents and several languages ​​are spoken.

I have decided to pay homage to Miguel de Cervantes, since next year will be the , Aconcagua Argentina

fundamental book of universal literature and very dear to me, a photo at the summit with him would be original. Also a photo with the flag of the SATI (Argentine Society of Intensive Therapy) and that of the Municipality of Capital and Cimesa that supported us financially, a special memory for my friend Lili Vietti.