Aconcagua Argentina – Unforgettable mountain experience

Its harsh climatic conditions allow the life of flora and fauna that are adaptable to the cold, such as species of herbs and small vertebrate animals. Its parts of plains present pastures that are called vegas.

Aconcagua Mountain Guides

It is a territory of cultural abundance. Since the times of the Inca Empire, man has modified this land to be able to move. They left an important mark on the Inca Trail, which represents an extensive road network that used to connect our territory with neighboring countries.

Aconcagua Ascents

Depending on the duration of the activities and their complexity, Aconcagua Park has various adventures. And it is always advisable to plan the visit beforehand, since not only specific material things are necessary, but also forms and permits.

Trekking. The most beautiful and refreshing walks find their space in the Laguna de Horcones Circuit.

Aconcagua Treks

trekking. Exciting way to walk in the form of an excursion and recreate the view. There are short, long and full day types and they have different degrees of difficulty. They are only available in summer.

Ascents and mountaineering. It is entered through the valley of the Horcones River or through Punta de Vacas. For the latter and the long trek, it is necessary to take out insurance that covers possible search, rescue and evacuation operations. In addition, a prior medical check-up must be presented.

It is important at this point to abide by the recommendations of the experts. There are some people who can suffer from mountain or altitude sickness, whose symptoms are generally treatable starting with an analgesic, but if the advice and alarms of the body itself are ignored, it can be fatal.

The park and the town of Las Heras in general provide necessary medical services; and if they have social work they can be treated, for example, at the aconcagua clinic. But there is no sanatorium in Aconcagua near the park.

It is a park that has public services such as park rangers, whose tasks are to provide information to visitors and enforce current conservation and operation regulations. In addition, in season it has Medical Assistance in the Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina Camps. Near its entrance, there is a viewpoint to enjoy a perfect landscape.

Visits. Near the Hotel Aconcagua, it is possible to access the Universidad del Aconcagua, which emerged from the merger of two institutes. Today, the higher academic center known as Aconcagua University teaches courses in its faculties and promotes research. Also in that area, you can see the monument to the flag, the theater, different wine bars, the casino, the historical archive of Mendoza and the Museum of the Cuyano Past, among many other places for walks and shopping for wines, sweets, handicrafts and souvenirs. .