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Aconcagua Mountain

At his feet, we realize how small we are. The Aconcagua inspires respect in the most reverent and at the same time pride in the adventurers. Let’s learn more about this mountain.

How tall is Aconcagua?

The Aconcagua is geographically located in the department of Las Heras in the northwest of the Province of Mendoza. It is a mountain and is part of the Cordillera de los Andes, integrating the Cordillera Principal (see map). It is the highest peak in the American continent and the second on the planet, after the Asian Himalayas. How tall is Aconcagua? Its North Summit measures 6,960.80 meters above sea level and its South Summit, 6,930 meters above sea level.

Also called Cerro Aconcagua, the formation is geologically recent as this massif was the product of the sinking of the Nazca tectonic plate below the South American Plate, in the Triacic period.

The Weather on the Aconcagua 360 Route

In Aconcagua height and extreme go hand in hand. Due to the altitude, first of all, the exposure to solar radiation is high. Secondly, its arid and dry climate forces the body to lose fluids, so it is important not only to protect yourself from UV rays but also to be adequately hydrated.

Thirdly, the thermal amplitude is excessive because during the day the heat is perceived but at the beginning of the sunset, the temperature drops drastically. Although this mountain climate reigns in the lower valleys, these changes between day and night are more aggressive as you ascend the Cerro, climbers realize this.

How to Climb Aconcagua

Finally, we must bear in mind that it is a territory crossed by strong winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

How to get to Aconcagua

Before knowing the majesty of this mountain, it is necessary to enter the Mendoza territory. It is possible to use terrestrial means and enjoy the crossing from the first minute. For this we have, for example, with the comfortable services of the San Juan Mar del Plata Company and its modern fleet of buses.

Long-distance buses usually use the facilities of the Mendoza Bus Terminal, located in the town of Guaymallén and known as the Terminal del Sol, with all the services for travelers.

The best accommodation option is the Hotel Aconcagua, also known as Hotel Raíces Aconcagua. It has complete comforts and services of a special category, located in the heart of Mendoza, a few blocks from the Aconcagua sanatorium.

Aconcagua Guided Climb

adventures for all

The great view of the Cerro gives rise to different activities both in its valleys and on its slopes. But for all the recommendation is the same: if you suffer any discomfort due to altitude, you have to know that there is no clinic in Aconcagua to be treated. Let’s discover some places and things to do.

Aconcagua Provincial Park

Its location is 183 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza and is accessed by National Route 7. It was declared a protected natural area in 1983, along with nine other natural sections in Mendoza. It is a vast area of ​​pure mountain ranges of various colors, levels and heights where only the highest peaks are home to glaciers, which are the source of the planet’s most valuable natural resource: fresh water. In addition, it presents immense areas of valleys.