A Guide to the Top Three Routes to Reach the Aconcagua Peak

Aconcagua peak stands at around 22,838 feet above sea level, and it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain peak outside Asia. Mountaineering enthusiasts may have heard about seven summits, and Aconcagua is one of those seven summits. You can plan your next mountaineering trip to Aconcagua if you have previous experience of climbing one or two of the seven summits.

Aconcagua treks have become popular due to the natural surroundings along the trekking route. Around 3500 people complete Aconcagua climbing successfully, though the success rate is pretty low. Bad weather and steep climbing routes are the main reasons behind the poor success rate.

Trekking Routes to Aconcagua

Climbers traditionally use three trekking routes to reach the Aconcagua mountain peak. The routes have specific names: the Normal Route, the Vacas Valley Route, and the Polish Traverse Route. All three routes are popular among trekkers. Moreover, all these routes have their pros and cons. It would help if you had a professional guide to select the right route according to your climbing experience and expertise.

Moreover, the weather should also consider choosing the right route to reach the Aconcagua peak. In the following section, you will find a brief guide to the trekking routes to Aconcagua.

  1. Normal Route

The normal route is the most popular trekking route to Aconcagua, and the route has fewer technical difficulties. Climbers occasionally need poles and crampons on this route, though weather conditions remain good during the climbing season. It takes around 18 days to complete the trek if you follow the normal route.

The best time for trekking along this route is between November and March. However, the weather can deteriorate anytime. The harsh icy winds will make the journey difficult. The normal and Polish Traverse routes meet around 1000 m below the summit. This last 1000-meter climb is the most difficult for the trekkers.

  1. Polish Traverse Route

The Polish Traverse Route starts from the eastern side of the mountain. According to the guides and experts, this route is more challenging than normal. You should choose this route only if you have years of training in climbing. Like the normal route, the Polish Traverse Route takes around 18 days to reach the peak. As stated above, the last 1000m of the route coincides with the normal route.

  1. Vacas Valley Route

The Vacas Valley Route is the second-most popular route of the Aconcagua guided climb. Also known as the Polish Glacier Route, this route offers amazing natural surroundings. However, the route is only recommended for experienced climbers. You will need ropes, harnesses, ice axes, crampons, and other important accessories for this route. Typically, it takes two days more to reach the peak if you choose the Vacas Valley Route over the normal route. The journey starts in the eastern region of the mountain.

So, these are the three routes to reach the Aconcagua peak. Make sure that you choose the perfect route to make your journey seamless and successful. Finding a professional guide for the journey is imperative.