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Where to Start Your Mountaineering Journey

Mountaineering is a famous sport among both males and females. Around 800 people attempt to climb the mountain every year. People prepare for mountain climbing for several months, so they quickly adapt to the mountain’s high altitudes and harsh weather. The Seven Summits are like a quest for mountain climbing enthusiasts. However, climbing all the seven highest mountains on each continent is quite challenging. If you are going on an adventurous journey, you should start somewhere. First, you should learn all about mountaineering, gear for mountain climbers, and the best mountains to climb as a beginner. What is mountaineering? Mountaineering […]

Which is the Best Route to Reach the Aconcagua Summit?

Despite being the highest peak in America, Aconcagua mountain is the primary attraction of Mendoza city. Many climbers worldwide come to Aconcagua every year to reach its summit. Reaching the top of this mountain can be rewarding because of the beautiful view from the top and the solitary environment. But many more exciting facts about Aconcagua will make you eager to climb this mountain. However, if you want to climb Aconcagua, you must choose different routes. So, this guide will help you learn about various courses and which is best for your journey. Normal Route As the name suggests, the […]

Why Opt for Polish Glacier Route To Climb Aconcagua?

Aconcagua is one of the best mountains to climb worldwide because of its various astonishing features. You can reach the summit of Aconcagua by two different routes—the Normal Route and the Polish Glacier route. The normal route is best for trekkers with less experience in ice or rock climbing; on the other hand, the Polish Glacier route is a technical route that allows a massive scale of challenges. Still, all of these challenges are worthwhile. So, let’s look into the article to know the advantages of choosing the Polish Glacier Route. Polish Glacier Route- A Primer  A group of Polish […]

Why Should You Climb Mount Aconcagua with a Guide?

Aconcagua is famous for its height and difficulty level. Many people around the world visit Argentina during the summer to climb this mountain. There are many things you need to consider before going to climb this mountain. However, contacting the right mountaineering company can help you obtain all the necessary information about the Aconcagua and how to prepare for it.   Look at these benefits of Aconcagua Mountain Guides before you plan your Argentina trip.   Safety Guides focus on safety first when making decisions for the Aconcagua expedition. The guide also participates in risk management and emergency response programs […]

How many people are there in the base camps?

The Aconcagua Treks From Plaza Argentina (4250m) you must go up the glacial moraine, following the trail that runs through unstable terrain (mud and stone on ice). See photo 6. The journey is not difficult, but the load carrying and the height are beginning to feel (the mules reach Plaza Argentina). Performance at altitude is greater as the days go by and some rest days are reserved for acclimatization (when needed). C1 is at approximately 4900m, just after a long haul with a 400m drop that goes up to the side of a penitentes field that goes down from the […]

How much water should I drink to climb?

The day before the summit attempt, we had a meeting with the guides in Colera; I think that was the last push the group needed to meet the objective. They told us that the entire Acomara Staff was proud of us. Throughout the expedition, we had been a clear example of overcoming, persevering, and struggling towards a common goal. No one knew if we would reach the summit the next day, but at leas Aconcagua Guided Climb t we knew that no one was going to blame themselves for anything. Finally, the whole group met the objective, and we reached […]

Is it dangerous to climb Aconcagua without experience?

Plaza de Mulas, the guides warned us that it would be a challenging and long journey; after the Summit day, this day is the longest in the expedition to climb Aconcagua. In this case, I believe again that the management of the group by the guides was fundamental. Several stretches are quite demanding. Playa ancha and Cuesta Brava are clear examples that Aconcagua should not be underestimated (again, in my head, I should not climbing Aconcagua; I should have just done the Aconcagua trek). Not even before reaching the Plaza de Mulas base camp. Once you have arrived and settled in Plaza de […]

How far in advance should I process my entry permit

During the Trekking to Plaza Francia, I took real magnitude of what was Mount Aconcagua. Unfortunately, I began to feel some headaches. I confess that I was a little scared because I thought the worst; (I remember thinking that time; I should not climb Aconcagua; I should have just done the Aconcagua trek). Imagine that feeling headaches at the junction is like your car breaking 10 kilometers after leaving home. I immediately discussed it with the guide, and he advised me to coordinate my breathing better and think about the day without going beyond where we were at that Aconcagua Guided Climb moment. […]

Do you need any technical knowledge to scale the Aconcagua?

Climbing Aconcagua is always a challenge for people around the world. During the Aconcagua climb season, Acomara arranged everything from the beginning to the end of each expedition for many climbers who came to Aconcagua; I am grateful to Acomara because I did not know what I was getting into. I never imagined the challenge that climbing Mount Aconcagua would be. I knew that there were many factors involved. When I booked online and told them about my plans, they helped me with my Aconcagua expedition. I asked them what equipment I would need or what I should bring because climbing Aconcagua is not something that happens every […]

Why Is It Beneficial To Go On A Trek?

Do you put in excessive hours at work or lack the time to take breaks? If your answer is yes, you should learn more about how crucial it is to take a holiday once in a while. There are several reasons why you should take an Aconcagua Guided Climb, but the main one is that it can raise your level of happiness by a wide margin. As a result, you should try your best to take at least one vacation per year. This aspect will benefit you in more ways than you think. Even if you are unable to find […]