Mount Aconcagua Argentina : Aconcagua mountain guides

We are Aconcagua experts with more than 15 years of history building stories of success for hundreds of people from all over the world who every year join our Aconcagua guided climbs to reach the highest summit of the western hemisphere.

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Mount Aconcagua Argentina : Aconcagua mountain guides

We are Aconcagua experts with more than 15 years of history building stories of success for hundreds of people from all over the world who every year join our Aconcagua guided climbs to reach the highest summit of the western hemisphere.

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Aconcagua Normal Route

This is the shortest and warmest Aconcagua route, offering the highest chances to conquer the summit of Mount Aconcagua. Our expeditions count with the best and most comprehensive support to climb safely and successfully!

Vacas Valley Route

This is the perfect route for the more adventurous folks, offering scenic views while traversing around the legendary Aconcagua Polish Glacier. It is another non-technical climb option, longer and colder than Normal Route.

Aconcagua Treks

Treks are the perfect choice to share an expedition up to Aconcagua base camp with friends and climbers from all over the world! Treks offer the possibility to join Aconcagua Base Camp and also climb Mount Bonete 16,702ft.

All Aconcagua One expeditions are carefully prepared to provide the best experience for you to reach the top of Mount Aconcagua by the Normal Route or the Polish Route.

All Aconcagua One expeditions are carefully prepared to provide the best experience for you to reach the top of Mount Aconcagua by the Normal Route or the Polish Route.

I had a great time. I felt supported by me guides every step of the way, the aconcagua mountain guides were very professional, patient and friendly. They made us laugh, walked us through the difficult parts, and taught us so much, how to walk and breath more efficiently, how to carry our gear properly and many more things. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the whole experience very much. Thank you guys!

Heather Turner

I absolutely loved it. The trip was very well planned, and the Aconcagua guides were excellent, very professional and fun. The group became very closed and we all worked together. It was one of the best trips I have ever had. I highly recommend Aconcagua One for anyone wanting to climb Aconcagua.

Christopher Taylor

We had an excellent experience. The quality of all services was excellent, we used brand new tents, food was awesome, the staff in base camp was very professional and easy going, guides were fun, skillful and ready to help, the porter service was very good, and the process of preparing for the climb was also very well organized. If I had to come back, I would absolutely choose Aconcagua One again.

Mark Bennett


Mount Aconcagua Climbing Expedition

An Aconcagua climb gives you the privilege of knowing the roof of the American continent. If you know about climbing solo or you join any Aconcagua guided climb you will make friends with people like you. Climbers in our expeditions share a common past before meeting: you have all studied about Aconcagua, spent your free time training watching videos and pictures of expeditions and daydreamed about your Aconcagua hike. When arriving in Aconcagua Argentina, you all share the excitement that fuels you during your expedition. Save now your place in an Aconcagua climb with us!

Climbing Aconcagua via Normal Route

Climbing Aconcagua is most worthy as it is part of the 7 Summits. Mount Aconcagua ’s altitude and temperatures request high quality equipment for all expeditions. This Aconcagua climb has no technical difficulty nor need of much mountaineering experience for climbing Aconcagua Normal Route. You can walk the entire Aconcagua hike. No expedition by the Normal or 360 Route feature all-year snow sections, yet both expeditions require crampons for the last 3300ft. Aconcagua Argentina waits for you! Now you know ways by the Normal Route, join our Aconcagua guided climb!

Climbing Aconcagua via Vacas Valley

This Mount Aconcagua route has one of the best views of America. Come to Aconcagua Argentina and join our Aconcagua guided climb. Mount Aconcagua hikers who choose this route have a better taste of high altitude climbing because this Aconcagua hike is 20% longer than the Normal Route. The 360 route surrounds the Polish Glacier to meet the Normal Route. This expedition comes from the east via the Vacas Valley and after BC, crosses to the north-west side. Aconcagua Argentina waits for you! Now you know more about Aconcagua by the Polish Glacier Traverse 360 Route, book now our Aconcagua guided climb!

Mount Aconcagua Guided Climb- Get started with this adventurous sport

Those who look for some real mountain climbing challenges, the Aconcagua hike is for them. You must head towards Western Argentina and Aconcagua to enjoy an Aconcagua guided climb. Due to the altitude, Climbing Aconcagua is an adventurous challenge for the climbers.

The Mount Aconcagua gives the privilege to the climbers to know more about the American continent. Whether you are solo or with companions, you can easily get the Aconcagua guided climb. The chain of Aconcagua climb spans America from north to south on the westward end and it hits the highest points in the Mendoza, San Juan and Rio Negro Provinces in Argentina.

Most of the young people choose to Climb mountain for a holiday. The place is simply amazing and because of that, the place has been a historical spot of outstanding interest for tourism in Mendoza. And that are the reasons that attract people for the Aconcagua climb.

The Aconcagua Argentina is a part of the 7 summits and it’s altitude and temperatures require the high quality equipment for a successful expedition. In Mendoza hotel, guests will find out a lot about the Mount Aconcagua.

Crossing the Aconcagua Argentina is quite a journey and that requires a major infrastructure. In order to get the expedition to Aconcagua successful by some heavy traffic, motor trucks, long distance buses and other same kind of vehicles.

The entire domain of this Mount Aconcagua, is a national parkland. The idea behind this is to save the delicate ecosystem of the Aconcagua Argentina. If you are willing to choose the best holiday treat for yourself or for your family and friends, then the Aconcagua guided climb is the perfect fit for that requirement.

The Aconcagua hike is the best and most appreciated hiking place from around the world. Some people ignore the potential dramatic change of the weather and also the requirements of adjusting with the altitude while Climbing Aconcagua. It means when you are going for Climbing Aconcagua, you need to know about the required equipment you are in need of.

The Aconcagua hike is one of the most preferred expedition and people from around the world come to here for adventure. It is important to take necessary measures while going for Aconcagua climb. You can easily reach Aconcagua by flying first to Mendoza or Buenos Aires Argentina or to the Santiago. 

Recommendations to climb Mount Aconcagua

Aconcagua climbing permit

During the last seasons, the price varied from USD 330 to USD 950, depending on the early purchase, date, and normal or 360 route, among other considerations. Personal documents are required in advance to get the permit on time. Particular prerequisites apply for minors in Mount Aconcagua.

Best time to climb Aconcagua

There’s no suitable time for the ascent because it will mainly depend on what kind of expedition we are looking for. If we want to maximize the chances of having good weather conditions, we should trek in the high season. Although there are almost no differences in many seasons, statistically, the high season has better weather conditions. If we prefer not to have a crowded climb and save some money, we should hike in the low season.

Aconcagua mountain guides

When choosing an Aconcagua guided climb, it’s essential to have legally certified guides by Aconcagua Park (UIAA mountain guides aren’t automatically approved in Mount Aconcagua). It’s also important to know how many mountain guides and the group size; we recommend a 1-3 guide-climber ratio and up to 12 climbers per trek.

Acclimatization treks

The longer, the better to increase the chances to reach the summit and have an enjoyable expedition. Nobody knows how our body will react to the high altitude in a trek. When climbing Aconcagua by 360 route or Vacas Valley, the hike takes more days to reach the base camp Plaza Argentina at 13500ft. The fasts itineraries are experienced climbers who don’t have much time, and they are available by the Normal route only. Our company organizes Aconcagua Ascents from five days in private and 12 days in openly scheduled departures.

There are extra acclimatization treks of 1-4 days that may be added to the regular treks, which will surely help many climbers.

Ascents with porters

There are significant differences in the porter services; some expeditions include a fixed quantity of porters, which generate there’s no guarantee what the climbers need to carry exactly. Most expeditions include porters to carry the tents and garbage only. Our full expeditions include porters to carry the tents, garbage, cooking equipment, oxygen tubes, ropes, fuel, first aid kit, toilet paper, among other elements, solid waste, and part of the meals, no matter how many porters are needed, they are included. The best expeditions like us also include domes in high altitude camps with backups of every equipment as we do. So the climbers mainly focus on carrying their personal equipment, or hire a personal porter to carry their personal equipment.


Argentina is a country where government rules and financial regulations may change without notice. That’s why we recommend bringing some cash when traveling. For many years, ATMs deliver a small amount of local currency per day, so climbers may need money to tip the mountain guides at the end of the hike and some extra expenses in the city. We strongly recommend not trusting anyone who asks for cash payment in Argentina to avoid scams that ruin the expedition.