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Gear list

    Here is a list of equipment and clothing necessary to climb Aconcagua. You can come here often and even print this gear list to be sure of not forgetting anything to your climb.

    – 2 pairs of synthetic inner socks
    – 4 pairs of thick socks for cold
    – 1 pair of comfortable trekking boots
    – 1 pair of gaiters

    – 1 pair of fine synthetic pants
    – 1 pair of thick shelter pants
    – 1 pair of rainproof pants
    – 1 pair of comfortable long pants (trek type)

    – 2 synthetic underwear shirts
    – 1 turtleneck of synthetic material
    – 1 fleece jacket of alike
    – 1 shelter jacket (down or synthetical)
    – 1 rainproof jacket

    – Sun cap or hat
    – Shelter hat (wool or fleece)
    – Light ski mask
    – Sunglasses (UV filter + nose + side protection)
    – A pair of ski goggles
    – A handkerchief for the neck

    – 2 pairs of light inner gloves
    – Rainproof gloves for shelter (2 pairs mitten type)
    – Wet towels

    Expedition material:
    – Book or anything that helps to be entertained in the tent
    – 1 Sunscreen
    – Water bottles for three liters in total
    – 6 pairs of hand warmers
    – Sleeping mattress for high mountain
    – Personal care elements
    – Front lamp with extra batteries
    – An stainless steel thermo of one litter or half a litter
    – Personal crockery (Bowl, cup, fork and spoon)
    – A synthetic or duvet sleeping bag for – 35 º C

    Technical equipment:
    – 1 comfortable backpack of 80 liters
    – 1 Pair of double or triple boots for high mountain (suitable for 23000 feet – 7000 meters and – 40ºC temperature)
    – Semi-automatic crampons
    – 1 pair of telescopic poles
    – 1 helmet

    We work with the best rental shops of Mendoza and coordinate the rental process in advance or when you arrive to Mendoza.

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    • Each item is required unless specified to be optional.
    • The images may or may not reflect the model available for rent.
    • Aconcagua One does not own, rent or sell personal gear. We work with rental shops in Mendoza.

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