Why Should You Climb Mount Aconcagua with a Guide?

Aconcagua is famous for its height and difficulty level. Many people around the world visit Argentina during the summer to climb this mountain. There are many things you need to consider before going to climb this mountain. However, contacting the right mountaineering company can help you obtain all the necessary information about the Aconcagua and how to prepare for it.


Look at these benefits of Aconcagua Mountain Guides before you plan your Argentina trip.


  • Safety

Guides focus on safety first when making decisions for the Aconcagua expedition. The guide also participates in risk management and emergency response programs to help you provide safety from every challenge. You can also receive medical support from your guide if needed. They carry VHF radios that help them communicate and alert other guides about weather conditions.


  • Porter Assistance

Climbing on Aconcagua requires you to carry a heavy load, which can be tiring for a normal person. You can carry your luggage or hire a porter on the mountain. However, with a guide, you can get a porter to carry your bag without additional cost. The porters also help move tents between the camps.


  • Excellent Guides

Most guides are super-friendly and tell you about all the things about the expedition. The local guides in Argentina speak English and have good communication and management skills. Not all great climbers can guide you through climbing. Only well-trained guides have a thorough knowledge of mountains and an understanding of the personal nuances of guiding others.


  • Experience

An experienced mountaineering company offers guided climbs for both the Aconcagua 360 Route and Vacas Valley Route with a complete range of logistical services. With each expedition’s experience, the guides hone their skills.


  • Acclimatization Trekkings

Generally, a mountaineering company offers 21 days to complete the Aconcagua climb, which includes the acclimatization trek. Acclimatization trekking involves an extra rest day to recover from constant climbing, which increases your chance of successfully reaching the summit.


  • Base Camp Services

You can get a high level of comfort and care at camps. All camps usually have dining tents, chairs, lights, tables, clean toilets, storage tents, platforms, bunk beds, and electrical charging stations. At Base Camp, you can get the delicious food necessary for mountain climbing. You can also use free Wi-Fi and a peaceful shower at Base Camp.


  • Helicopter Services

Sometimes, mountain climbers need rescue, so the guide contacts their team to arrange for an emergency evacuation via helicopter. You can also request a helicopter tour around the mountain to see breathtaking views.


  • Own Resources

Generally, a mountaineering company has its own guides, porters, climbing gear, base camps, and mules. It helps you save money on your trip expenses. You can also access any service at any time. Simply address your needs to your guide and enjoy the safe and easy mountain climbing experience.



Climbing with a guide makes your expedition easier and safer. Choose the right mountaineering company with an excellent safety record. They will provide you with the best opportunity to reach the summit cost-effectively.