Which is the Best Route to Reach the Aconcagua Summit?

Despite being the highest peak in America, Aconcagua mountain is the primary attraction of Mendoza city. Many climbers worldwide come to Aconcagua every year to reach its summit. Reaching the top of this mountain can be rewarding because of the beautiful view from the top and the solitary environment. But many more exciting facts about Aconcagua will make you eager to climb this mountain. However, if you want to climb Aconcagua, you must choose different routes. So, this guide will help you learn about various courses and which is best for your journey.

Normal Route

As the name suggests, the normal route is the most straightforward route to climb Aconcagua Argentina; thus, this route is trendy among climbers. The usual route is also known as the North Route as it goes Northwest. If you do not have enough climbing experience, this route is best for you. You can reach the summit by this route only by hiking, and you will require crampons and fixed ropes, which will help you to walk on snow or ice at a higher altitude. The normal route is well-liked for its nearly technical challenges.

360 Polish Route

Climbers have access to exceptional landscapes through the Polish routes. Climbers can witness splendid Polish glaciers, the greatness of the Andes mountains, and every face of Mount Aconcagua. On this route, climbers climb Aconcagua across the Vacas Valley to a base camp named Plaza Argentina. After that, climbers move to the Polish Glacier Traverse route and switch to the usual route. With this route, climbers climb to Aconcagua from the west and east sides. Moreover, this route also allows better acclimatization, which increases the chances of reaching the Aconcagua summit.

Climb Aconcagua by Polish Glacier Direct Route

If you are a climber who wants to reach the summit technically and have high experience, then you should choose the Polish Glacier Direct route. This route goes by Vascas Valley and base camp at Plaza Argentina and requires experience in ice climbing. By climbing through the Polish Glacier, the Polish Glacier Direct route uses only two high-altitude camps

Climb Aconcagua by Polish Glacier Traverse Route

The Polish Glacier Traverse route goes by the Vascas river valley for around two days, then goes up the Relinchos Valley to Plaza Argentina base camp. It is the most varied and complete of the routes and covers the northeast side of Mount Aconcagua. This route has three centers above base camps, and the high camp is on the normal route. Polish Traverse descent through normal way. This route also requires considerable expertise in technical climbing. The Polish Glacier Traverse route also requires crampons for several icy and snowy areas.


You can climb Aconcagua on a budget by taking different guides, but you still have to choose a better route. Hopefully, from the above information, you will understand the different paths of Mount Aconcagua. If you are an experienced climber and know how to climb technical routes, you can choose a 360-degree Polish router. Otherwise, the normal course is the best option for trekkers with less experience.