Where to Start Your Mountaineering Journey

Mountaineering is a famous sport among both males and females. Around 800 people attempt to climb the mountain every year. People prepare for mountain climbing for several months, so they quickly adapt to the mountain’s high altitudes and harsh weather.

The Seven Summits are like a quest for mountain climbing enthusiasts. However, climbing all the seven highest mountains on each continent is quite challenging. If you are going on an adventurous journey, you should start somewhere. First, you should learn all about mountaineering, gear for mountain climbers, and the best mountains to climb as a beginner.

What is mountaineering?

Mountaineering is a lifelong hobby. Unlike other outdoor sports, mountain climbing offers a unique experience every time you do it. People like this activity because of its difficulty level; they achieve a sense of victory after climbing.

Climbing a mountain also has many health benefits. There are thousands of mountains that people climb every year.

How to Do Mountaineering

Mountain climbing involves two major styles, including Alpine and Expedition. Mountain climbers practice Alpine mountaineering on medium-sized mountains. However, the expedition mountaineering style is for larger mountains.

In Alpine mountaineering, the climbers use light luggage and quickly move to the peak. You can practice this style in the mountains, such as the Rocky Mountains.

In expedition mountaineering, the climbers carry much heavier loads and move slowly. You can perform this style on large mountains such as the Alaska Range or the Himalayas. This mountaineering also takes more time to finish.

Tallest Mountain to Climb in America

If you’re going to climb the tallest mountain in America, you should consider Aconcagua. It is located in Argentina, South America. This mountain has no technical difficulty and doesn’t require much mountaineering experience.

You can also get a guide to assist you in climbing until you reach the top. You can choose either the Aconcagua 360 Route or the Polish Route. Both routes are great for climbing, but you must be able to walk in crampons for the last 3300 feet.

Climbing this mountain helps you gain beginner’s experience and confidence. From there, you can start your mountaineering journey.

Quick Tips for Climbing Mount Aconcagua

If you make up your mind to climb this mountain, you will need expert tips for the same experience.

  • Follow a regular training regime before climbing Aconcagua.
  • For safe and successful climbing, hire the Aconcagua Mountain Guides. You should be comfortable carrying a 55-lb load for several hours a day.
  • Consider taking Diamox, and bring a sufficient supply of your other medications.
  • Bring lightweight equipment for your expedition.
  • Staying hydrated is essential. Drink 1 liter of water before breakfast and 2 liters before lunch.
  • Take your time when you first start climbing and maintain your pace. Avoid getting tired and tired at an early stage of the trip.

In Conclusion

Climbing Mount Aconcagua is possible for a person with no prior mountaineering experience. You can prepare for mountain climbing with consistency. However, it is up to your body how it responds to high altitude. You can follow the tips when climbing the mountain. It is better to climb this mountain with a guide.