What Types of Wild Animal You Can Encounter on Aconcagua

Aconcagua is situated in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and belongs to Aconcagua Provincial Park. The Park protects the ecosystem of this mountain. Aconcagua is home to many different types of species of plants and animals. Most people plan to visit Argentina to see those animals.

If you are wondering what type of mammal you can see when you climb Aconcagua Treks, this blog contains all the information on wildlife on Aconcagua.

Plants and Surroundings

Aconcagua is filled with colorful rocks, white snow, and short plants. This mountain used to be an active stratovolcano. The rocks on Acocagua’s flanks consist of lavas and are all volcanic. This mountain has low biodiversity among the plants because of its rocky land covered in snow. However, you can find some interesting plants and low trees.

The lower area of the park consists of these trees, including Yareta, yellow leña, and goat horn. You can also find plants adapting to poor soils, wind storms, and low temperatures. This mountain is also rich in many minerals, as you can find colorful blueish, greenish, and gray rocks, which consist of limestone, carbonates, and turbidites.


The most common types of birds you can find near this mountain are cherry, charadriidae, and torrent ducks. Cherries are small passerine birds; they make domed nests out of lichens, moss, and root fiber. Torrente is a long-bodied duck, but they are members of the goose, duck, and swan family, Anatidae. These birds usually fly around the lower area of the mountain. You can ask your guide about the best location to see these birds.

Eagles and condors are also found near Aconcagua. Both are dangerous since an eagle is a predator while a condor is a scavenger. The condor has a maximum wingspan of 10 feet, which is more than an eagle. It is also bigger and heavier than an eagle. It would be best if you did not approach these birds when you are alone.


This mountain is home to many exciting animals, such as the red fox and mountain mice. You can also find a group of frog species. The large herd of llamas is also visible on this mountain. However, you should stay away from them because the pumas follow them.

Most animals are adapted to the cold weather of Aconcagua. Many animals possess soft and thick fur, which keeps them warm. However, some species move to lower mountain areas when the weather becomes too cold.

It is common to see a European hare in the mountain region. The mice stay in their caves during winter. You should protect your tent and luggage from mice.

Wrapping Up

It is unsafe to approach any wild animal you find on the mountain without your guide’s permission. Most animals live in the low area of the mountain away from the main Route. With Aconcagua Guided Climb, you can experience the best trip and get a chance to see these interesting animals.