Is it dangerous to climb Aconcagua without experience?

Plaza de Mulas, the guides warned us that it would be a challenging and long journey; after the Summit day, this day is the longest in the expedition to climb Aconcagua. In this case, I believe again that the management of the group by the guides was fundamental. Several stretches are quite demanding. Playa ancha and Cuesta Brava are clear examples that Aconcagua should not be underestimated (again, in my head, I should not climbing Aconcagua; I should have just done the Aconcagua trek). Not even before reaching the Plaza de Mulas base camp. Once you have arrived and settled in Plaza de Mulas, you start to take the dimension of this experience’s greatness. The base camp is almost a small town (it is the largest base camp globally after Everest). The Acomara staff treated us in the best possible way; they welcomed us with food and plenty of fluids to hydrate us since our effort was quite challenging. I want to mention the bathroom cleanliness that Acomara has in Plaza de Mulas. Clean, with all the cleaning supplies at our disposal after touring the base camp for a few days, I didn’t see Aconcagua 360 Route a bathroom similar to ours in the other companies. I think it is also essential to invest in infrastructure. Acomara could easily say that the toilets cannot be improved due to the environment’s apparent conditions and restrictions. Still, they made it clear that you can always choose to have the best service to offer your clients, regardless of the environment where one is. During the acclimatization treks to Canada, the group in general responded well. I mainly felt excellent, although the fatigue increased considerably, and I began to dose efforts all the time. I hired a 10-kilo porter with Acomara for the uphill sections since that was where I had to make the most significant effort, and I preferred to save all my energy for the final and decisive days of the expedition. The issue of buying portages was also a pleasant surprise for me since I was able to hire them in advance with Acomara, and I saved a lot of money, much more than if I had booked them directly in Mendoza. Aconcagua Mountain Guides


I thank all the guides involved in our expedition, leaders, porters, leader’s assistants. They were excellent; they were always up to date with our inquiries and requests, in addition to worrying about our safety all the time and making sure we enjoyed the expedition. We noticed that they knew what they were talking about all the time. They knew the territory, the weather, and they have been working there for a long time. They knew how to manage the

What needs we might have, and they always made sure that we had everything we needed for the expedition to run smoothly. I also want to thank and congratulate the porters for their work.

The contribution they make to the expedition’s logistics is invaluable, not to mention that they are the people who make the most physical effort in the mountains. From the moment we arrived at Plaza de Mulas, they introduced themselves to the group and told us that they Aconcagua Treks

would work most professionally, not worry about anything other than meeting our goal. They were cautious when handling our belongings. They carried our things with great care, and when we arrived at the corresponding camp, we had at the entrance to our tent the bag with Climbing Aconcagua

all our belongings in perfect condition. You will understand that it is complicated to keep things orderly and healthy in that climate and in that terrain, and the Acomara porters were always up to the task.