How to Prepare for Aconcagua Expedition

Before going on a mountain expedition, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally. Aconcagua Mountain is the highest mountain in South America, and you will need Aconcagua Guided Climb to complete your hiking journey.

This big mountain is challenging due to its frigid temperatures, high altitude, and strong winds. You have to prepare for all these challenges and make your dream of climbing Aconcagua into reality.



Prepare yourself for low oxygen levels.

With altitude, oxygen levels drop. You must prepare yourself for regions with low oxygen before you learn How to Climb Aconcagua. Whether you choose the normal route or the Vacas valley route, you will struggle with low oxygen when you are about to reach the summit.

You may have problems reaching the summit due to a lack of physical preparation and climbing practice.


Protect yourself from Sun

It is essential to keep your body protected by the Sun since the Sun is extremely powerful at high altitudes, like in Aconcagua. You will need body sunscreen to protect your skin from drying.

It would help if you prepared clothes that cover your entire body and protect you from sunburn.

Some people don’t make it to the summit due to the lack of Aconcagua Ascents.


Stay hydrated

Hiking can make you sweat, while cold winds make you have a runny nose. It is crucial to drink water as it is the second most essential substance our body needs to survive next to oxygen. Dehydration can cause you lightheadedness, and you may not be able to continue your expedition. You will have to drink at least 4 to 5 liters daily on Aconcagua.


Beware of high winds.

If you have never experienced high winds, you must prepare yourself extra. You should get to the lowest ground if there is a sign of high wind. It will help you stop blowing away. You should constantly check for high winds after you leave Base Camp. It would help if you also prepared clothes to protect you from strong winds.  


Eat balanced meals

You must maintain your physical fitness for climbing Aconcagua. Many people, due to poor physical conditions, stop climbing midway.

You should eat healthy and balanced food and avoid heavy food on rest days. You should also avoid drinking any intoxicating substance that alters your performance.

Your body will need the energy to climb this mountain.


Carry lightweight gear and clothing

You can buy lightweight equipment for climbing since they help you maintain your hiking pace. You should also avoid making your backpack too heavy when climbing Aconcagua Base Camp. You should also utilize your pack carefully to bring all the necessary gear. Choose the right type of clothing that helps you maintain your pace even at high altitudes and extreme temperatures.



After preparing for Aconcagua, you can safely go for a hike on Aconcagua with your friends. You will have to start your expedition journey from Mendoza, Argentina. You will also have to stay hydrated on high-altitude Aconcagua.