How far in advance should I process my entry permit

During the Trekking to Plaza Francia, I took real magnitude of what was Mount Aconcagua. Unfortunately, I began to feel some headaches. I confess that I was a little scared because I thought the worst; (I remember thinking that time; I should not climb Aconcagua; I should have just done the Aconcagua trek).

Imagine that feeling headaches at the junction is like your car breaking 10 kilometers after leaving home. I immediately discussed it with the guide, and he advised me to coordinate my breathing better and think about the day without going beyond where we were at that Aconcagua Guided Climb

moment. I admit it was a bit difficult at first, but then it worked perfectly. My acclimatization gradually improved, and looking back, I think the guide’s words and advice were a hinge on my Aconcagua climb so that I could continue. When we started the trip from Confluencia to Aconcagua Hike