Do you need any technical knowledge to scale the Aconcagua?

Climbing Aconcagua is always a challenge for people around the world. During the Aconcagua climb season, Acomara arranged everything from the beginning to the end of each expedition for many climbers who came to Aconcagua; I am grateful to Acomara because I did not know what I was getting into. I never imagined the challenge that climbing Mount Aconcagua would be. I knew that there were many factors involved. When I booked online and told them about my plans, they helped me with my Aconcagua expedition. I asked them what equipment I would need or what I should bring because climbing Aconcagua is not something that happens every day, and I needed to be prepared. I felt extremely comfortable when I arrived in Mendoza and met with the Acomara Staff and the other Aconcagua expedition members. Aconcagua 360 Route

Once at the hotel, Acomara guides checked all my equipment, even before the expedition began, and ensured that my equipment was adequate and optimal. If we found any deficiency in my boots, for example, they would be with me to rent or buy whatever was necessary. I want to emphasize that both the sales and advice process and the post-sale and subsequent expedition assembly were very harmonious. At all times, I felt the tranquility and confidence in speaking with an expert on the subject. Both Fernando and Nicolas Aconcagua Mountain Guides

answered my questions clearly and thoroughly, without omitting information that could compromise my experience; at all times, I felt that they genuinely wanted to help or advise me and not because I would pay a lot of money for an expedition. It was very gratifying for me to know that companies like Acomara are managed in a more human way and without thinking about making money regardless of the client’s welfare. The guides from the beginning spoke to us about all the expedition’s recurring themes  Aconcagua Treks

and day by day during the expedition. The equipment that Acomara provided for the whole Aconcagua expeditions was of the highest quality. The food you could tell was very well prepared. The portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner were quite generous. Usually, for lunch, they gave us a packed lunch because we were walking. Many members of the Aconcagua expeditions, including myself, had some restrictions or allergies to some foods and Acomara knew that from the beginning, and they made sure that we did not lack anything to eat or drink. Both the guides and the camp staff made sure we were very well fed despite our restrictions. It was a challenge.

The Acomara facilities in the camps, both at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas, really showed you that you had not been wrong when choosing Acomara to carry out your expedition. At the confluence, they had domes for different numbers of people, and you could tell at first glance that they were in excellent condition and that, in some cases, it was the first time they were used. I have been lucky enough to climb several hills, Climbing Aconcagua which is not quite common in other companies. Still, in Confluencia, the food was exquisite and exceptionally abundant, dinner always had a soup full of nutrients as the first course, since, as you know, hydration is essential in this environment. Even after finishing your meal, we had the opportunity to talk with the cooks and the staff in charge of the camp, which was one of the most rewarding experiences because that interaction allows you to know others’ customs idiosyncrasies quite different people to your customs and beliefs.