Aconcagua Climbing – Tips for a risk-free expedition

If you are not convinced of the activity, I will not do it, but I will with the necessary confidence and inner security if I have decided to do it. Intense mountain activities such as climbing Mount Aconcagua demand this quality, which ultimately becomes the essential discipline needed to know oneself. Know my strengths, understand my weaknesses, know my intentions, know my enthusiasm, know my integrity, know my limits, and have the criteria and courage to make crucial decisions, such as turning around and returning on time.

Respect for the environment, mountains, and nature does not mean fear. The atmosphere, the weather in which we move, has unique and conditions. Fear can paralyze you and leave you without the strength to continue. Respect means that I can give myself an idea of ​​the dimensions, magic, and wisdom of Aconcagua. I will not show respect to anyone but myself. It would be best to respect the mountain you are ascending when I contemplate it in its immensity and imagine myself within it.

You must respect nature when you leave the place where you were better than how you found it. If I am going to pick up my waste, I can do it because someone imposes it on me or because I convince myself that it would be good if whoever passes through this place again gets excited in the same way. Who wants to hit a mighty waterfall and see shells scattered about? The equation is simple. Suppose you are someone who already has plenty of experience in mountain outings (surplus always adds several years in trekking, technical mountaineering, and high altitude mountaineering). In that case, you can calmly go to Aconcagua without assistance or by hiring the service of local providers that provide you with amenities such as mules, toilets, etc.

But suppose your situation is that of growth in the mountains, that you do not have such experience or that you need to prepare with professionals to arrive at the most significant number of possibilities. In that case, we will always recommend hiring professional guides or, to a better extent, experienced companies with enough prestige to provide you with the best service and security you need.

For beginners and those who dream of realizing the dream of coming to Aconcagua Argentina, some exciting companies and projects include a distance training system and progressive mountain excursions for ten months.

Suppose we take success as having a great experience and not reaching the top if or if and whatever, we will be on the right track. In short, the success of getting the top is never guaranteed since, in addition to everything you described in this text, it is not enough if other unmanageable issues occur up there, such as adverse climate or the simple refusal of our spirit, which has designated for that moment of our life another outcome and that, thus, will allow us to return to the same fantastic scene to be able to try again.