Aconcagua Climbing – The Best Experience Ever

We define it as the activity that makes us work on cardiovascular endurance, which makes us reach the limit with lung capacity and high pulsations in a prolonged period of no less than 30 continuous minutes — examples: running, swimming, cycling.

Power-strength: Exercises that give us specific work. Spinal, push-ups, etc.

Backpack: Training while carrying an expedition backpack is always cheerful. Fundamental for a good  Aconcagua Guided Climb

It is convenient to start with no less than 7 kg + the backpack’s weight, but the most significant thing is to know how to adjust the straps well and the correct size. The backpack is not the same for a woman or man who weighs less than 50 kg and measures 1.60 than for a man of 85 kg and 1.80; remember that it is vital to get backpacks for everyone’s body. These exercises may be done on stairs.

Technical: we can include everything related to the terrain (ideal for an  Aconcagua 360 Route), walk on an unstable slope, with loose stones such as hauling, with snow or ice, with sections of rock or exposed edges. Also, work with the balance of the body. This will give us much more security when walking down the slopes and gutters of Aconcagua or any other mountain. Output: It provides us with the practice we need and see where we stand with the training process. Take a walk in the mountains, the forests of Patagonia, the slopes of Mendoza and San Juan, or any other undulating place that will allow us to close the circle. One of the 5 points that I usually present as a difficulty for activities in the mountains is psychological or mental. It is not easy to spend 18 days without knowing almost anything about your loved ones and living with people who do not have the customs or habits.

Several situations in an expedition can condition our performance and throw away the exhaustive preparation work of weeks and months.

The feeling of loneliness when we ask ourselves  How to climb Aconcagua , the tiny connection with those of my group, the contact with the unknown, missing your loved ones, the rules of coexistence in a hostile environment, the extended overnight stay in a tent, an Alone or in the company of someone “forced” and mainly the negative sensations that the climate may cause me, such as height, wind, and extreme cold. We have to work on the previous one with our head, so the exits that I can add before will be very useful for this.