Aconcagua Climbing – How to set up my expedition to Aconcagua

In the building you can ask for advice and they will indicate the most advisable route. The usual thing for those who do not intend to make a great physical effort, is to do the Laguna de los Horcones trail.

It’s a few kilometers, which takes about an hour to get there and back. During the tour, you will see the majesty of Aconcagua from different views and you will reach the lagoon, which will have more or less water depending on the time of year.

It is a very quiet walk in which, by the way, you will notice the lack of oxygen. You are almost 3,000 meters above sea level and your body warns you that it will take a few minutes to acclimatize to this new environment.


If you go to do any of the trekking circuits, you should check if you need prior permission. In any case, if they request a registration on the Park’s website.

There are one-day, three-day and seven-day circuits.

Preparations for the excursion Aconcagua Mountain Guides 

The road to Mount Aconcagua is in good condition, but there are many kilometers without any civilization around it. In addition to filling the tank of the car before leaving, it is important to remember:

Bring water and food. Although in the towns you will find places to buy food.

Sunscreen. Here the sun burns even if you are inside a vehicle. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat either.

An outerwear. Although you travel in summer, it is windy and the breeze is fresh.

Check the weather before starting the trip.

Finally, there are speed cameras. If you see the other cars stop, do the same, since most of them are not marked. Aconcagua Provincial Park is one of the 17 protected areas in the province of Mendoza, created by Provincial Law in 1983. Nearly 1,200,000 people visit our nature reserves each year and Aconcagua Park is one of the most visited. 

Aconcagua Ascents

National and foreign tourists travel each year to the nature reserve to walk its trails and circuits. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic this stopped. From Atardecid@s they spoke with Lucas Aros, Guadaparques del Cerro Aconcagua who provided details of the tasks they carried out during the pandemic and what changes they made to the hill. Aconcagua Park is an icon for Mendoza, for Argentina and for America. It is the highest summit in the Americas and as such is of global importance” commented Lucas Aros- Guadaparques del 

Aconcagua Treks

The Aconcagua Provincial Park depends on the Directorate of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Land, Environment and Natural Resources of the province of Mendoza. The contribution of the public sector is basically provided by the park rangers, the most important presence of the Directorate of Resources with personnel who work in the different camps.