Aconcagua Climbing – Day by day on Aconcagua

Climb Aconcagua, the rooftop of the southern hemisphere.

Benefit from a fully qualified and experienced mountain guide.

The Normal Route is known as the easiest option to conquer the summit.


Conquer the roof of the southern hemisphere by climbing the incredible Andean mountain of Aconcagua, the second-highest peak in the world after Everest.

It measures 6,960 meters (22,837 feet) and earns a place among the Seven Summits.

Our 18-day Aconcagua Expedition takes us along the Plaza de Mulas route, the normal route, and considered the easiest, to the top. This also gives us appropriate time to acclimatize as we ascend.

We will pass through the long and dry valley of Horcones while constantly ascending through high mountain passes. We will know incredible views of the Andes mountain range from all angles.

Near the summit, we will climb the north ridge towards the Independencia Refuge. We will ascend Portezuelo del Viento, we will ascend La Canaleta and then Filo del Guanaco. This path takes us to the spectacular summit of Aconcagua.

When we reach the top of Argentina, South America, and the southern hemisphere, we are rewarded with incredible panoramic views and an overwhelming sense of success.

Even though this route is easier compared to others, in addition to being a non-technical approach, it still requires an excellent level of fitness and some mountaineering experience. In addition, the weight of our backpacks ranges from 40 to 60 pounds on some days to 15-20 pounds on the day of the summit. Therefore, experience in carrying these weight levels is recommended.

Get in touch now to get your spot on an incredible 18-day rooftop expedition in the southern hemisphere and delight in the impressive Andean landscape that accompanies us along the way.

Day 1: Mendoza

Our expedition begins in Mendoza, Argentina. We’ll meet at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the city. We will go over the itinerary one more time and get acquainted with the group and the area.

Day 2: Penitentes

We obtain individual entry and park permits. And travel to Penitentes, where we will stay in a hotel in the mountains. We prepare ourselves and our equipment for transport to base camp by mule.

Day 3: Confluencia Camp

Today we go to Horcones Park, where we can enjoy our first view of the Aconcagua hike. After checking our permits at the ranger station, we started walking towards Confluencia, a 4-5 hour hike.

Day 4: Plaza Francia

We use this day to do an acclimatization process and increase our chances of reaching the summit. We hike for 5 hours to Plaza Francia, the base camp of the imposing South Wall of Aconcagua. We return to the Confluencia camp.

Plaza de Mulas Base Camp

Today is a challenging 8 to 9-hour walk through “Playa Ancha.” We climbed a very steep path to reach Plaza de Mulas, the largest base camp in Aconcagua Park. Most of us will feel the altitude.