Aconcagua Climbing – Climbing Aconcagua is Very Challenging

With the wind and the cold, “La Travesía” becomes endless, a long way along the north face, a large stone appears “El Gendarme” protects us a little, and I take the opportunity to drink some tea, but the thermos froze. Fortunately, Gabriel assists me. We advance to the beginning of the much commented and difficult “Canaleta” (6,700 mts.), The last 300 meters with a significant slope of loose rocks that making the ascent very difficult. We put on the crampons and … one, two, three steps up and one, two, three, or four back. Climb, slip and fall. What motivation does it take to endure exhaustion, lack of oxygen, and fear? It is here that history has left more than 100 people dead, attempting this boldness. Climb Aconcagua is very challenging.

We try to approach the Canaleta on its left side, climbing through small glaciers, two steps and rest, until the Cuesta del Guanaco, the edge that separates the two summits (the South 6,950 meters and the North 6,962 meters). Now everything at the top, great overexertion and a lot of courage, at this point it is pure feeling, it is very little rational in one, the rationing capacity with this lack of oxygen is estimated at 30/40% of normal.

How bad I feel, I try to draw strength from wherever there are few. I can’t give up now !!!, the Summit is there, just by stretching my hand … I can’t get there … I look back, many have been left on the road …

Another step and another and … Summit. How impressive, what a great cry, how many tears win me! I reached the roof of Los Andes !! The Aconcagua Expedition Provincial Park is located in the northwest of the province of Mendoza, department of Las Heras, approximately 190 kilometers from the provincial capital and the border with the Republic of Chile only 12 kilometers separate it.

Its coordinates, taking Mount Aconcagua as a reference, are 32º 39′ South Latitude and 70º 01′ West Longitude (some author differs slightly with this last data, recording it as 69º 59′ Long.O.). In April of April 1983, Decree-Law 4,807 of the province of Mendoza was promulgated, which gives rise to the Aconcagua Provincial Park, and in it, the physical limits that give it an area of ​​close to 71,000 hectares are determined. This decree declares it a “total reserve zone for preserving flora, fauna and archaeological material.” Subsequently, in 1989, Decree 1,034 established that the Park would be administered by the Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources, with the collaboration of a Permanent Advisory Commission, made up of representatives of different organizations. Aconcagua Hike demands the best of you always.