Aconcagua Climbing – Aconcagua base camp is great

Freedom means learning to accept reality, with all its contradictions and paradoxes, both the terrible and discouraging aspects and the pure and inspiring ones. The freedom of our limits”

We met at the Directorate of Natural Resources, to get the permits to climb Aconcagua. There I met Eric, Eduardo and Leandro, from Buenos Aires and members of the expedition

I gave Constanza 15 kg of cargo for the mules, where she goes food and clothing. On January 26, she had given him a duffle bag with 30 kg of clothes.

I see the whole group very happy and confident in achieving the goal, we are all very excited. Some may wonder why try to climb Aconcagua? …. The answer is because it is there, because it is beautiful and impressive, a real challenge!!! Aconcagua 360 Route

Wherever you can do it or dream it starts…. in audacity there is genius, energy and magic. That’s what everyone feels in their own way, it’s like an inner tremor that transforms you, you want everything to start at once, in my case a year preparing for this moment. I don’t know how else to express what I feel, I can only assure you that I never felt something like this

Tuesday 03/02/05

“Growing up is learning that maturity consists of a sum of personal choices and decisions; carrying them out makes us free. Daring to take responsibility and the pain of this type of freedom entails, is what it means to be alive”

Liliana takes me to the bus station, with my backpack that weighs about 15 Kg. I think I have everything I need, even a small chair so I don’t always have to sit on the stones. a sad and worried face possibly originated in the farewell and in realizing what was to come.

I plan to read and look at stars as well as admiring the incredible landscapes that surround that great mountain, the highest in America.

How to Climb Aconcagua

I have two books: Don Quixote, which I have already read in extreme situations and I plan to reread, at least some chapters, and Captain of the Ship, a book by Patric O Brian about ships and seas in the 19th century, another of my passions. I travel by bus to Horcones together with Belén and Gladys. I say goodbye to Liliana thinking that the next time I see her, this project will be finished, I hope successfully. The bus leaves at 10:15 and arrives in Uspallata at 12:00. 100 years surrounded by a small wall. I had never seen it, it is diagonally from the Service Station, I take a picture of it. On the trip I read three chapters of Captain of the Ship, very good.

We arrived at Horcones at 2:00 p.m. We got off the bus and began to walk to the park ranger control. We took some photos along the way. We arrived at the park ranger where there are three helicopters standing and the rest of our group waiting for us. 7 a.m.

We do the corresponding paperwork, I greet Pablo Perelló, Chief Ranger and in-law on the part of Leticia, Liliana’s sister, I send greetings to the family through him and we begin, after eating two sandwiches, the walk to Confluencia (3300mts) where we arrived at 7:00 p.m.